Professional Workshop Class

Teachers and other professionals come from across the country to attend CID continuing education deaf education workshops.


Ann Holmes

Ellie White

Professional Outreach

Since 1914, CID has been committed to preparing teachers, then other professionals with the development of related fields, to help children who are deaf and hard of hearing learn to listen and talk. Today, this commitment includes:

  • continuing education certification workshops for teachers of the deaf and speech-language pathologists
  • in-service training programs and workshops for mainstream teachers and other professionals
  • guided observations in the CID family center, pre-k, kindergarten and primary school
  • consulting services for schools and school districts developing listening and spoken language programs
  • testing and developing educational curricula and hearing support products for use with children who are deaf and hard of hearing

We invite you to explore these pages for ways to earn Please contact us to discuss how we might help meet your professional education needs. Ask us about our distance learning opportunities and other options.

American Speech - Language - Hearing Association ASHA and LSLS CEUs are available for many CID courses. Please check specific event listings.